REM’s ISF Process is an isotropic superfinishing technology that is proven to significantly increase the efficiency, performance, and life of metal to metal contact power transfer components for a range of Automotive component applications. The ISF Process Bowl is a suite of chemically accelerated surface finishing and polishing technologies that generate low Ra surfaces with non-directional/isotropic surface textures.


Revolution Gear & Axle has in-house REM equipment to superfinish ring and pinions upon request. *5-7 additional business days are required for ISF processing


Benefits for Automotive Gearing:

- Reduced Friction/Roughness

- Reduced Lubricant/System Operating Temperatures

- Reduced Vibration and Noise

- Reduced Break-in/Run-in Requirement

- Increased Part Durability/Reduce Wear

- Increased Fuel Efficiency

- Increased Resistance to Micropitting

- Increased Resistance to Scuffing

- Increased Pitting Resistance

- Increased Resistance to Contact and Bending Fatigue

- Increased Power Density Allowable/Component Load Carrying       Capacity

REM Surface Finishing