REM Surface Finishing

REM’s ISF Process is an isotropic superfinishing technology that is proven to significantly increase the efficiency, performance, and life of metal to metal contact power transfer components for a range of Automotive component applications. The ISF Process Bowl is a suite of chemically accelerated surface finishing and polishing technologies that generate low Ra surfaces with non-directional/isotropic surface textures.


Revolution Gear & Axle has in-house REM equipment to superfinish ring and pinions upon request. *5-7 additional business days are required for ISF processing

Benefits for Automotive Gearing:

- Reduced Friction/Roughness

- Reduced Lubricant/System Operating Temperatures

- Reduced Vibration and Noise

- Reduced Break-in/Run-in Requirement

- Increased Part Durability/Reduce Wear

- Increased Fuel Efficiency

- Increased Resistance to Micropitting

- Increased Resistance to Scuffing

- Increased Pitting Resistance

- Increased Resistance to Contact and Bending Fatigue

- Increased Power Density Allowable/Component Load Carrying       Capacity