Heavy-Duty Drivetrain Components

The best differentials, axles, driveshafts and gears are only as good as the components connecting them. At Revolution Gear & Axle, you can get the right drivetrain components and accessories for off-roading and daily driving. These components allow you to replace broken and worn-out hardware, install aftermarket parts or upgrade weak points in the drivetrain. By purchasing components separately, you can do needed maintenance and allow the primary parts to function as needed, saving you from costly larger repairs.

OEM and Aftermarket Drivetrain Accessories

We carry an assortment of drivetrain components for your next project. Have the internal gears in your differential malfunctioned? You can swap them out for OEM-fit spider gear kits rather than replacing the whole differential. There are axle U-joints and driveshaft yokes to forge stronger connections between transfer cases, differentials and other parts. Check out our reuseable, instant seal gaskets and pinion and axle seals to button up your vehicle build. play a huge role in performance, and if a gasket has broken, you can get new ones here.

Contact Revolution Gear & Axle at (844) 213-4327 if you need help selecting the right components or need something you don't see here. We have more than 40 years of experience providing high-quality parts and knowledgeable service.