Gear Oil

Gear and Axle Oil

Driving in extreme conditions doesn't just tax the physical components in your vehicle. If you're using a run-of-the-mill gear fluid, it can quickly break down, leading to excessive pressure and friction that causes those components to wear out prematurely.

Revolution Gear Oil was developed for serious off-roaders who need a seriously good lubricant. It is a high-additive oil designed to resist extreme pressure, corrosion, oxidation and foaming so it lasts longer. Our gear and axle fluid is approved for GL5 and GL6 heavy-duty gear systems such as those in high-level off-road vehicles, commercial trucks and race cars. There are also high-adhesion polymers to improve the oil's stability across a wide temperature range. The same oil works in axles, differentials and transfer cases, letting you care for the entire drivetrain with a single product.

The Best Oil for Rear Axle and Gear Systems

We currently offer 85W-140 and 80W-90 gear oil. These are the two most common SAE grades, meaning Revolution Gear Oil and Axle Fluid will work with the most popular off-road driveline components. The 85W-140 rear axle fluid is rated for temperatures from -30 to 230 degrees while the 80W-90 limited slip gear oil will work at temperatures from -25 to 218 degrees.

Order single quarts of Revolution Gear Oil for occasional scheduled maintenance or money-saving cases of 12 quarts to keep a fleet of vehicles ready for adventure. Note you should not use this oil in components rated GL4 or lower as the additives that boost performance in extreme environments can damage a light-duty drive system.