Gear Oil

Gear and Axle Oil

Driving in extreme conditions doesn't just tax the physical components in your vehicle. If you're using a run-of-the-mill gear fluid, it can quickly break down, leading to excessive pressure and friction that causes those components to wear out prematurely.

Revolution Gear Oil was developed for serious off-roaders who need a seriously good lubricant. It is a high-additive oil designed to resist extreme pressure, corrosion, oxidation and foaming so it lasts longer. Our gear and axle fluid is approved for GL5 and GL6 heavy-duty gear systems such as those in high-level off-road vehicles, commercial trucks and race cars. There are also high-adhesion polymers to improve the oil's stability across a wide temperature range. The same oil works in axles, differentials and transfer cases, letting you care for the entire drivetrain with a single product.

The Best Oil for Rear Axle and Gear Systems

We currently offer 85W-140 and 80W-90 gear oil. These are the two most common SAE grades, meaning Revolution Gear Oil and Axle Fluid will work with the most popular off-road driveline components. The 85W-140 rear axle fluid is rated for temperatures from -30 to 230 degrees while the 80W-90 limited slip gear oil will work at temperatures from -25 to 218 degrees.

Order single quarts of Revolution Gear Oil for occasional scheduled maintenance or money-saving cases of 12 quarts to keep a fleet of vehicles ready for adventure. Note you should not use this oil in components rated GL4 or lower as the additives that boost performance in extreme environments can damage a light-duty drive system.


Q1: Can I use engine oil as gear oil?

A1: No, gear oil is a fundamentally different product and these cannot be used interchangeably.

Q2: When should I change my gear oil?

A2: For most vehicles, gear oil should be changed every 2-3 years or 30,000-50,000 miles for daily drivers. However, high performance vehicles may require more frequent changes. It's a good idea to change your gear oil after an extensive road trip, off-road or overlanding trip over 2,000 miles or 100 hours.

Q3: How do I know if my gear oil is bad?

A3: If you are hearing whining/grinding noises from the front or rear differential of your vehicle, you may need to change your gear oil and inspect differential components for damage. Other symptoms include difficulty when turning, a burning smell, or vibrations while driving

Q4: Does unused gear oil go bad?

A4: Standard gear oil that is correctly stored has no expiration date.