Differentials & Traction

Differentials and Traction Systems

Perhaps the most effective way to upgrade your vehicle's traction and performance capabilities is to upgrade the differential type. When you're rock-crawling, mud-bogging or traveling up steep mountains, you need more grip than many vehicles can get with stock components. High-quality traction parts from Revolution Gear & Axle® help you get the right amount of power and torque to the wheels so you can go over, around and even through obstacles.

Upgrade Your Axle Assembly

We supply the truck, offroad and performance car market with a variety of options depending on their needs. Whether you simply need to replace an open carrier or are looking to add a high performance upgrade, you can find differentials from all leading OEM and aftermarket manufacturers. Order the most reliable differentials from selectable lockers, automatic lockers and positraction units from Eaton, ARB, OX Offroad, and Dana Spicer. We've also developed full spools in-house for popular differentials which is a simple, low-cost option for off-roaders on a tight budget.

From the well-known Dana 44 to custom 1-Ton axle swaps, we have the traction systems for all major front and rear axle designs. Easily shop and filter by brand, traction type, differential, vehicle make and more to find parts that are the right fit. If you want to put together a custom setup, our experts can help. Contact us to talk to an off-roading expert based in the U.S.