Crate Axles

Dana Spicer Axle Kits

When you're replacing a 4X4 or building a driveline from the ground up, starting with a good axle kit will always get you better results. The Dana Crate Axle Program was created for DIYers who need high-quality axles that simplify the process. Instead of making do with whatever you can scrounge up at scrapyards and online auctions, order brand-new axles that are built to OE specifications. With bolt-on installation, you'll be back on the trails and roads fast knowing your drivetrain has a solid bedrock.

Customize Your Drivetrain With Dana Axles

Revolution Gear & Axle is an authorized distributor of Dana aftermarket axle kits. Currently, the Crate Axle Program includes the Dana 44, Ultimate Dana 44 and Ultimate Dana 60 Semi-Float. These axles are a factory fit for most Jeep Wrangler JK, Jeep Wrangler JL and Jeep Gladiator JT vehicles as well as the sixth-generation Ford Bronco. They are also great for putting custom drivetrains in vehicles based on these components.

All crate axle kits include the required components for installation such as the axle shafts, gears, housing and brakes. Dana offers packages with various gear ratios and differential lockers, such as choosing between the ARB Air Locker and the Eaton Electronic Locker. You will get the setup you want right out of the box and save money versus buying everything separately.

Dana Spicer axle replacement kits have a one-year manufacturer's warranty against defects. If you have questions about fitment or which accessories to add, call Revolution Gear & Axle toll-free at (844) 213-4327.