Axle Shaft Gear Kits

Trucks, Jeeps and SUVs need good axles to go off the main roads. The axle in an automobile is crucial for delivering power to the wheels and supporting the weight of a vehicle. In off-road machines, axles are subject to intense forces, and the stock axles may not be sufficient.

Upgrade your 4X4 axles or replace a broken axle with the right kit at Revolution Gear & Axle. We are known for our aftermarket off-road car axle kits that can handle harsh terrains and customized drivetrains. They will enhance your driveline to let you enjoy crawling, dune-bashing and other activities without fear of being stranded by an axle failure.

High-Performance 4WD Axles

We have designed a huge selection of front axle and rear axle kits to fit commonly used differentials. Whether you need a Ford 8.8 front axle, a Dana 30 rear axle or something else for your ride, start your search here. Discovery axle kits have a 10-year warranty while the USA-Made series of axle shafts come with a limited lifetime warranty that demonstrates our commitment to quality.

Our car axles are made of rust-resistant chromoly steel and other strong, durable materials. Kits include all necessary components for DIY installation, including inner and outer axles, U-joints, retainers and bearings. If you just need the axle, we have replacement off-road axles available for separate purchase. You can reinforce the drivetrain as well with drive flange kits that replace the manual hubs many vehicles have. Email if you have questions about 4X4 axle replacement.


Q1: What are the symptoms of a bad axle?

A1: While it is impossible to diagnose an axle issue without inspecting the part, signs of a bad axle include clicking and knocking sounds, as well as unusual vibrations while driving.

Q2: How long does it take to fix an axle shaft?

A2: Replacing a broken axle shaft will typically take 1-3 hours depending on the vehicle, damage, and skill of the mechanics replacing the part. Install times vary between front and rear axle shafts. Rear axles versions include full float, semi-float and c-clip axles. Depending on what type of axle shaft the vehicle has will determine installation time.

Q3: What does an axle shaft do?

A3: Axle shafts transfer the rotational force from the transmission to the wheels, allowing a vehicle to move under its own power.

Q4: What causes an axle to go bad?

A4: While it is impossible to narrow down all possible causes of a failing axle, the most common causes are overloading your vehicle, shock load from driving over difficult terrain, bearing issues and general wear from extended use.