Front and Rear Axle Kits

Trucks and SUVs need proven axles to be able to keep going once the pavement ends. The axle in an automobile is crucial for delivering power to the wheels and supporting the weight of a vehicle. In offroad applications, axles are subject to more intense forces than in on-road driving, and the stock axles are often insufficient.

Upgrade your 4x4 axles or replace a broken axle with the right kit at Revolution Gear & Axle. We are recognized for our performance aftermarket offroad front and rear axle kits that can handle some of the harshest terrain and are designed with customized drivetrains in mind. They will help bulletproof your driveline to let you enjoy all things offroad, including crawling, sand and other terrain without fear of being stranded by an axle failure.

High-Performance Axles

We carry a large selection of front and rear axle kits for Jeeps from the model YJ through the current Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT. Our axle kits contain all the parts ready for install and we save you a step by pressing rear axle bearings on prior to shipping.

Our Jeep axles are made from nickel chromoly steel. Discovery Series axle kits have a 10-year warranty and our USA Made axle kit line offers a limited lifetime warranty. Detailed information can be found here.

Dana 60 Drive Flange Kits

The driveline sustains a lot of force when off-roading, and the stock hubs on vehicles are often a weak spot. Many off-roaders replace the OE hubs with stronger drive flanges (aka drive slugs). Our Dana 60 drive flange kits reduce the chances of failure.

If you just need a replacement axle for your truck, car or SUV we have single stock replacement axles available for purchase. Email if you have questions about 4x4 axle upgrades and replacement.