Bearing Installation Kits

Differential Bearing Installation Kits

Once you have selected the right ring and pinion or differential for your vehicle project, the second step is finding the matching bearing kit for a smooth, trouble-free installation and years of reliable operation. Revolution Gear & Axle® has an assortment of bearing kits for professional or DIY gear upgrades and replacements. We've assembled these kits with premium Timken or Koyo differential bearings, name brand seals plus other required components for an easy installation.

The Right Bearings and Seals

We offer kits for all levels of differential replacements. Our most popular option is our Master Install Kit. Master Kits include all the necessary parts to ensure your differential job is a success. Including: carrier bearings, pinion bearings, pinion seal, pinion shims, carrier shims, pinion nut, gasket or sealant, preload shims or crush sleeve, ring gear bolts, gear marking compound and threadlocker adhesive. Pinion bearing install kits include all of the above minus carrier bearings. When bearings are not needed, our mini install kits are an affordable option. We also offer axle bearing and seal kits for axle replacements.

Shop for Any Off-Road Vehicle

With our search filters, you can quickly find installation kits compatible for your project. Use the Differential filter to shop for popular axles from Jeep, Ford, GM, Toyota, Dodge/RAM, Nissan and Suzuki models. Narrow down your search by clicking on a Vehicle Type. We provide full fitment information utilizing our Year, Make and Model search so there's no doubt about whether the kit is a match.

At Revolution Gear & Axle, we're known for the highest-quality aftermarket parts and accessories that meet or exceed original equipment standards. Call us at (844) 213-4327 if you need assistance finding the right installation kit.