Internal Spider Gear Kits

Spider Gear Differential Kit

If the spider gears in your rear differential have gone bad, these kits will get you back on the trails. What are spider gears? Sometimes called pinion gears or satellite gears, they work in tandem with the axle gears to take the rotational energy the driveshaft generates and direct it to the wheels for maximum grip. In limited slip and locking differentials, the spider gears also assist with splitting power distribution.

Spider gears are often one of the first parts of a differential to wear out, usually due to heat generated by free-spinning the wheels on slick surfaces. You can tell the gears are broken if you hear grinding, rattling or banging from the rear as you turn. With a spider gear kit, you will save money by just swapping the gears rather than the whole differential. Changing them quickly prevents damage to the rest of the differential that would lead to more extensive repairs.

OE-Fit Spider Gears

We develop and manufacture replacement spider gear kits for an assortment of popular factory axle differentials, including the Dana 35, GM 8.6 and Ford 8.8. Each kit includes the spider gears, side gears, washers and hardware for installation. It is important to replace the side gears, as pairing new spider gears with old side gears can throw the setup out of balance and cause further issues.

Revolution Gear & Axle differential spider gear sets have a one-year limited warranty and ship free on qualifying orders. Select a kit to confirm whether it fits your vehicle and contact us if you have questions.