Off-Road Axle U-Joints

Despite its relatively low cost, a universal joint axle fastener - or U-joint for short - may be the most important part in your drivetrain. These joints are used to connect driveshafts, transfer cases, transmissions, differentials and multi-piece axles. The U-joint lets each component spin and move with the suspension for the best performance.

If you suspect a U-joint is going bad, you should replace it as soon as possible; since they link to so many other parts, faulty U-joints will quickly damage the rest of the drivetrain. Signs of U-joint trouble include squeaking/clicking at low speeds, vibrations at high speeds and clunking noises when you rapidly speed up or slow down.

Uni-Joint Replacement Parts

Revolution Gear & Axle has the correct parts for off-road U-joint replacement and custom builds. We carry genuine Dana Spicer universal joints that are manufactured in the U.S. They are made of premium steel that will perform as well as or better than the original U-joint. Known for being durable, Dana Spicer non-greaseable U-joints are pre-lubricated, meeting you don't need to do any maintenance - just swap them out, secure them using the snap rings and go. They're backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

We offer OE U-joints as well as the Dana Spicer Life Plus model for extreme performance. Check your vehicle manual to see which U-joint series (1310, 1350, etc.) you need. For custom drivelines, you will need to measure the cap diameter as well as the distance between the outside of opposite end caps. Contact us if you need assistance.