Dana Spicer Replacement Yokes

Our assortment of driveshaft yokes is essential for diehard off-roaders. The end yokes connect the driveshaft to the U-joint and transmission, respectively, serving multiple purposes within the drivetrain. It helps transfer power to the front axle, lets the driveshaft flex when the axle does and allows the U-joint to rotate and change angles. This ensures each part operates correctly on rough terrain and doesn't fall out of balance or receive undue stress.

If an end yoke is going bad - common symptoms include vibrations, clunking, whining, grinding and squeaking - or you are upgrading the drivetrain, you can get a new yoke from Revolution Gear & Axle. We are an authorized dealer of Dane Spicer end yokes for off-road vehicles. These are OE parts that meet the same specifications as the factory yoke for an exact fit. Because of advancements in materials and production, they may perform even better than the part you're replacing.

High-Performance Driveshaft Yokes

You will find flange yokes, strap yokes and U-bolt slip yokes in our collection. Flange and strap end yokes are the most common original factory style, which is generally sufficient for stock setups. If you are adding lower gears, a new transfer case or bigger tires to your vehicle, we recommend switching to a U-bolt yoke. These are stronger and more secure for heavy-duty applications.

Each Dana Spicer driveshaft yoke is made of hardened steel that has been heat-treated, ensuring durability and rust resistance in the most severe driving environments. They are backed by a one-year warranty and support from our knowledgeable team.